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Industry Study

As Industries move towards increasingly demanding growth parameters, the need for a constant focus on emerging trends , player moves and the future outlook has become self evident. In line for the same, Aruvians Rsearch has introduced the product "Industry Study".

This product is part of our core product lines and has a depth of six variants looking outwards on various industries.

A significant effort from Aruvians Rsearch in this field has been to provide Industry Scenario modeling services for foresight planning on part of the senior management in order that they can evaluate opportunities, spot trends from a global perspective, address need-based or niche market innovations and fine tune their marketing plans.

The above analysis is also backed up by a PESTEL snapshot for the particular industry.

Analysis of Competition

An organization, whether a market leader or a follower or a participant, entrant in the market always needs to look around and identify various players in the industry who are challengers to it's current market position or who are in the range of it's challenge domain.

Organizations are sometimes very engaged in ensuring product as well as internal service standards that the ability to maintain eye ball status with the competition may get track two on the overall bandwidth.

A competitive business environment demands an outlook beyond only price wars to the actual strategic turf which is played by the competitors.

Development of the product "Competitor Analysis" was carried out with the objective that an in-depth comparative analysis for a company vis-ą-vis its major competitors in the industry is an actual necessity. It is a product that provides companies with vital information on evaluating opportunities to leverage, entry exit parameters, relative competitor interest in terms of financial movements or geographical forays, intensity of competition, possible strategic moves by the competition, etc.

We provide you the service to serve as an advance look ahead system which serves as an outpost to see far ahead on your competitive battle zones so that by when competitors move organizations are always in the know how and before your competitor arrives as a crisis Aruvians Rsearch will help you keep them as industry participants.

Aruvians Rsearch accomplishes the same by closely tracking market developments focused on the assigned competitors and serve as an extended arm of the client in collating information and providing possible strategic directions of the competitors' intentions.

By comparing the business segments, financials and strategies of various players, Aruvians Rsearch has been able to highlight their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Company Analysis

The product company analysis is available for the focused academic and business research into corporations which want to study them and garner learnings from them for their "best practices", business management, crisis handling or other competitive interests.

Basic features of this product include an in-depth analysis of the company, its businesses with their performance and its competitors within the industry, a strength and weakness analysis of the company in the form of a SWOT Analysis, and much more.

Such data are obtained from the market sources and from our research interactions with them in the public domain or symposiums.

We provide detailed profiles of over 1,000 companies across different industry verticals in over 30 countries.

BCG Matrix®

Based on specific order-based studies, we carry out the mapping of entire industries or specific product categories and plot them as on implementation of the BCG matrix analysis.

The same is an implementation of the BCG matrix as available in the public domain and do not carry information which is proprietary to the original owners of the BCG matrix.

Our BCG matrix analysis has helped organizations take a fresh look at their products and re swamping their entire categories in order to understand where the customer expectations are positioned and their products vis-ą-vis them.

We have also provided such analysis of our pioneering effort to even social organizations which need to sometimes understand application of public opinion on the BCG matrix based on the sensitivity of public responses.

It is the application of such research which brings us to the forefront of being a trusted research partner for organizations which are hunting for quality information on time scales which match their global speed and reliability.

Michael Porter's Five Forces Study

When organizations are in the process of planning new forays in their business environments or need to review their present business portfolios an implementation of "Porter's Five Force Study" to a specific industry is a handy tool to accomplish the same.

The product assists organizations in better understanding the industry context and analyzing the industry from the point of view of an entrant or holding industry leadership positions.

A frank outlook which helps organization evaluate the strength of a businesses' competitive position practically and avoid cost drainage into non-performing SBU's or whether new business have the potential to be profitable.

Our interpretations of the Porter's Five Forces Model have also helped organizations realign their objective setting of the business and derive strategic goals thereof.

Aruvians Rsearch allocates such projects only to the core team of experienced researchers who complete the same after extensive research using the data available from a wide variety of reliable publications, trade associations and other business sources.
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