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  Analyzing the Global Offshore
Wind Power Industry
  Analyzing Biofuels from Rice
  Analyzing Algae as a Source of Fuel
  Nanotech: Making Photovoltaics Possible
  Analyzing the Global Solar
Photovoltaics Industry
  Analyzing the Nutraceuticals
Market in the UK
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  Consulting Services  
Consulting is an important business function of Aruvians Rsearch which takes the passive research mode beyond to an active research platform and is based on the long enduring relationships that we have maintained with our clients which has given them the confidence to entrust our researchers with the responsibility to understand their systems and suggest the most growth oriented business directions.

Our dedicated teams of consultants have proven their remarkable skills at turning around some companies where they have experienced a need for a new direction of growth to revitalize their business operations.

These are our torch bearers who lead from the front and are a constant source of inspiration for the entire organization and have helped the organization take such giant strides in the field of business research marketing.

We are confident that with our synergetic team of champions from both divisions of Research & Consulting we will be able to complete our mission for the year 2007 with impeccable credentials.

Our teams of consultants do not hesitate to walk around the operations of our clients and get to the core of issues or providing the impetus needed by these organizations in their business categories.

We believe that the successful completion of such services is what has earned us good word of mouth references from our clients wherein our consultants are already pre-booked up to the later half of 2007, wherein the average project duration is at least four months.

Some of the current industries being consulted by our consultants are Airline, Financial Services, Telecom, Insurance, FMCG, and Manufacturing.

Consulting Services Include: Marketing, Promotion, Software, Process Implementation, Quality Analysis, Strategy, Category Definitions, etc.

Such services are offered on demand for our priority clients only.

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